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Used Tires .Com is an industry leader in used tire sales,
Used Tires .Com has been serving used tire dealers for over twenty years!

What can we do for Used tires Dealers? always has the customers best interests in mind. We provide quality used tires at an excellent price. We'll even customize our customers orders to fit their needs as a tire dealer. Are you a used tire dealer that needs a bulk quanity of tires? If yes, used tire dealers can have a container load of tires delivered to your business!


Would you like to buy tires wholesale from

Are you a used tire dealer looking to purchase custom orders of bulk used tires? At we send an unlimited amount of container loads full of used tires to our customers. We ship tires worldwide and provide freight and customs documentation for your order.

At Used Tires .Com we carry used tires in every shape and size imaginable available in wholesale quantities by the container load.

  1. We carry both foreign and domestic used tires in a variety of sizes.
  2. Looking for Low Profile Used Tires? We carry low profile used tires in all sizes.
  3. Need tires for a Truck or Trailer? We carry a wide variety of truck and trailer used tires.

Are you looking to recycle your scrap tires?

We serve the east coast of the United States with offices in Pennsylvania and Florida.

Used Tires .Com does scrap tire disposal. In fact we are a leader in used tire recycling, we take loads of scrap tires. The scrap tires are recycled and processed into Tire Derived fuel. We scrap millions of tires a year to recycling companies. Contact us today to get rid of your scrap tires!

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Used tires being sold online in record numbers!

National Association of Used Tire Dealers and National Association of Used Tire Exporters report that sales of used tires from the United States or within the US. Used Tires which are the highest form of tire recycling according to the EPA. Reuse,Reduce Recycle

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Used Tire Association says February Used Tire sales 3.5 Million

The National Association of Used Tire Dealers reports an all time record of 3.5 Million Used tire sales,This is a total of Used tires exported Used tires Wholesale and Used online.

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National Used Tire Dealers aAsociation announces 2014 sales of used tires as 35 Million

American used tires.35 Millon (thirty five million used tires) units and growing is what the Used tire dealers association just recently confirmed. This number represents in excess of TEN percent of the entire US tire sales in the total marketplace.

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Jamuary used tires numbers over 3 Million used tires sold

Over 3 Million Used tires were sold i the USA for Domestic use on our roadways or overseas as a US export. The popularity of used tire stores is not just in the big city anymore.The sluggish economy has helped US retailers of Used tires.

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More Tire Shops selling used tires than ever before

During 2013 according to used tire industry analysts,more tire shops than ever are selling used tires.Independent tire dealers which account for the biggest share of tire dealers also account for the spike in tire shops selling used tires.Used tires experts say it is no longer only in inner cities w

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Used tires sales reach all time high

According to tire industry analysts Used Tire sales exceeded 30 Million units in 2013. Used tire sales both Domestically and Exports of used tires were up to reach an all time record. It seems the still sluggish economy has proven to be good for used tire sellers.Used tire sales in Bulk,used tire s

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